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Our Objective

Different software solutions are capable in different areas but they're closed off. But when you add the ability for them to communicate, you come up with something that is greater than the sum of its parts!

Connectorly is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that helps you solve the problem of integrating the various systems that run your business.

You can use our connectors to achieve just that, allowing you to link up powerful systems such as Dynamics 365 and Xero, Lead forensics and Hubspot, and more, to create an implementation that greatly benefits your business efforts with a low cost and stellar return.

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How Our Connectors can help your business

Key Benefits

Why Choose Connectorly?


Expertise & Experience

With 30 years of experience, we’ve become experts in building end to end systems for companies. Instead of simply integrating your software solutions, we improve the feature-set as well.

Experience Connectorly - An Integration Platform as a Service
Connect-Smart Connectorly - An Integration Platform as a Service


Smarter Integration

Our connectors connect things in a way that really makes sense; with added features that make processes simpler and allow for much greater versatility with your tools.


Support That Goes Over & Above

You have access to our help centre and highly skilled and responsive support team who are available to make your implementation a success.

Answer your in-depth questions with our help centre

support Connectorly - An Integration Platform as a Service
Data-Security-1 Connectorly - An Integration Platform as a Service


Committed To Security

We take user data security very seriously. All the data is encrypted, communication is end-to-end encrypted, and only the bare minimum user data needed to operate is stored.

Learn more about how Connectorly keeps your data safe

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Connectorly Benefits

No coding experience required

Our codeless solutions allow you to connect your systems with just a few simple clicks.

Get your software connected within minutes

Our integration process is simple and intuitive and allows for an easy connection.

Save hours in tedious data entry

Reclaim precious time and energy otherwise spent in error-prone manual data migration.

Get the most out of your software solutions

Integrate your core business systems, and streamline business processes and operations across your team.


Some words from our Customers

Brilliant connector for customer using xero and dynamics. It works well for our company. Great customer service & always ready to help.

Nicola O’Connor

Commercial Manager at OConnors
Connectorly seamlessly moves information from Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sophie Jordi

Finance Officer at Gold Standard
Your software Connectorly works like a charm!

Nate Brooks

CEO at Genuine Technology
Great Connector. Works well and they are very helpful with custom settings

Jason Spence

Director at IAssist
How quickly this all happened. It’s saving my team a lot of time as we no longer have to manually enter and reconcile invoices

Sarah Crabb

Financial Controller at Looking Glass Experimental
Great Product

Decio Figueira

Chief Operations Officer at AccountsCo
Connectorly works brilliantly. As a bonus the improved information on the invoices means my customers now have far more meaningful invoices which should lead to fewer queries and faster payment. If there are problems with transferring invoices across, then it’s easy for my team to diagnose and correct. Before we were just left in the dark. I’m very happy to recommend this to anyone who wants a reliable, flexible way to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Xero

Kerry Burn

CEO at 848 Holding Limited

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